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October 07, 2009



Must...obey...iTunes (walking around room like zombie).

Just kidding, I just pledged, and figured I can pump in some dough to Exclusive Company in the next week or so with some great new releases coming up (*good deed side note: buy Bob Dylan's Christmas album next Tuesday and all proceeds go to feeding the hungry over the holidays).

The independent record chains are always the ones that strike the strongest chord with me in terms of their demise, and while I think the takeover of digital music is inevitable, it doesn't mean we can't go down with the ship by buying records!


Nice article. I just made my pledge!


Have you heard about Our Milwaukee? It's a local business alliance. Learn more at http://www.ourmilwaukee.net/


This is something I always have to remind myself of. I grew up in the suburbs, so pretty much all we had were the chain storms. And therefore, they're the first places I think of going as an adult after living in Milwaukee for only a couple years now.

Good post ... great reminder and eye-opener.


Hey- I just wanted to check in and to let you know that I took part in this event on Monday! I bought some early Christmas presents from Alterra and Lela Boutique. I feel good about that.

Thanks for the post!

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