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September 30, 2009




In most cities, the fans don't really "care" and show up in the middle of the season. They instead wait until September ball.

In Milwaukee, it was just the opposite. Miller Park was electric up until around the All Star Break. Then you could feel a contrast in the fan base.

Here's to hoping they attempt to do something about the pitching. And by something, I do no mean bringing in an arm that's well past its prime. Cough*Suppan*Cough


Ditto on the Suppan-loathing, Bruce.

Although the season was disappointing, it's been fun watching the individual milestones:

Fielder RBI and walk record, HR Derby Crown;

Braun 3rd straight 30+ HR season, and hopefully 200 hits;

Hoffman extending saves record;

At least there have been some thrills, and, as always, the games have been a blast to attend. Here's to the ever-optimistic future of the Brewers!


Good point, Jon. Thanks for looking on the bright side. Your optimism balances my cynical dissatisfaction.


Yeah, pitching was pretty terrible this season. Lots of injuries, lots of suckage...

The only way the Brewers will snag a firt-rate pitcher is by trading Matt Gamel and JJ Hardy in some sort of package deal. They can't give up Prince. Like you said, he's really all we have!


There's always next season...

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