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July 17, 2009


The River Otter

Thank you for articulating this. JITP was always very civilized every time I have gone, very different from our experience at Riversplash last year, where people were drinking hard liquor sold in fishbowls by vendors.
Step one: get your 1L Sigg or Nalgene bottle.
Step two: fill with white wine of your choice.
Step three: enjoy a civilized good time with friends at a civilized festival.
In my opinion, you can only carry so much booze, but you can carry a lot of cash and buy more there than you would probably carry in.


I've never seen anyone ever get out of hand at Jazz in the Park. It's not Ozzfest. And to have patrolling Gestapo searching bags and breaching public privacy and creating borderline Nazi Germany at Cathedral Square is ridiculous.

This was completely uncalled for, and was simply the city of Milwaukee selling out it's own people in favor of a little extra money. Shame shame shame...


As someone who attended Jazz In The Park about 8 or 9 times each summer, I am not going at all this summer because of the policy change.

One interesting thought on this is why does East Town get to sell alcohol in a public park that we pay for with our tax dollars? I believe you can bring alcohol into any public park in Wisconsin. Since I'm paying for Cathedral Square as a Milwaukee tax payer why does East Town get to reap the benefits?

No matter what people say they ruined a great thing.


start a petition. shame them.

you might have to petition across the street from the event to avoid the gestapo.

ask gov. candidate/mayor barrett's office for a comment on the issue.

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