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May 24, 2009



Can't wait to go back!


Where's YOUR photo?


This post is so appetizing – I didn't want to ruin it. ;)

Actually, I was having trouble airbrushing, I mean, uploading it. I’ll have it posted along with the rest soon. Until then, feel free to gaze at my bio photo all you want...


I'm curious as to why everyone was in their late 20s/early 30s. There's only about a 5 year gap. I don't really think that's conducive to a wide-ranging and thorough review, do you?


Sorry, I just don’t have too many friends who are 13 or 60 years old.


Everyone older was too lame to hang with us cool cats... And I think it was closer to a 10-year gap. I like to round up. :)


I'll bring my grandparents next time to appease Doug and make things more conducive.


This is a really fun idea. Lucky you for having the opportunity! I really enjoyed everyone's reviews. Will you possibly do this again?


This gets better every time I read it. Also, when we going back K-dizzy?


Jimbo- I'm constantly craving it! As a matter of fact, right now I'm going through wicked withdrawal. I’ve even been surfing the net for photos of the Bomber Burger just to visually get my fix.

On a side note, the "Fiveviewers" will review Stack'd Bar next. http://www.stackedbar.com Are you in?


We miss you guys! Why not drag Karen in for her BDay and she can claim her FREE BDAY BURGER!

Tom Graber

The Bomber burger is so good because of that huge cheese stuffed portobello mushroom. And deep fried yet! Good casual bar to have a beer, watch a game eat peanuts and look forward to the Bomber Burger! Check out the review of AJ Bomber's at http://bestburgersinmilwaukee.com/


Hey Tom- Thanks for stopping by BTB. I just had a chance to check out your site and a couple of your burger reviews. Excellent work, my friend. Keep it up and I'll be sure to stop by more frequently. With that, I hope to see you around here again sometime soon! Take care.

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