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April 20, 2009



Gille's! Fantastic. I love it so much there. Probably mostly emotional ties since I grew up in Tosa, but really you can't beat their custard! So tasty! Peanut Butter Chocolate Flake is my favorite flavor of the day.

Also, I can hardly believe it, but I have never been to Leon's! I need to get over there the next time I'm in town.


Love this! But, where's Oscar's?


SuzieQ- It was a tough call, but the five I chose were a little more interesting, in my opinion. I still enjoy Oscar's immensely. It possibly could be my #6 or maybe even tied with one of the other five on my list.


Nice job, Karen. Was this the article you were writing for AirTran's magazine?


Yep, that'd be the one.


Delicious post. Although I have to say, other than Kopps, I have not tried any of these places. Will definitely check them out the next time I am cruising for custard.


Kelly and Jon, both of you MUST go to Leon's. It's a classic. The custard itself isn't too fancy as far as flavors go, but it's probably the creamiest and most delicious around.


Looks like you did your research. Besides Kopp's, I appreciate that you had many obscure places on your list, not the standard Culver's, Oscar's, etc.


I love Gilles, but Kopp's is definitely my favorite. We used to go there all the time growing up, especially after concerts and things like that in middle school, because it was right around the corner.

When I was in town last week, I went to the Kopp's on Port Rd, and was delighted to find that the custard shake of the month was blue moon. So incredibly unhealthy, but really, who's looking for healthy when you're eating (or drinking) ice cream? Might as well go all out and get the good stuff. :)


blue moon custard is a great time.

Barbara Klemp

Leon's is the best! And Spanish hamburgers are my fav !

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