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February 12, 2009



So many things I miss from the short time I lived in MKE and so many new things for me to check out when I return.

Thanks for a great list!


What a list-I love your picks! Reminded me that I need to get myself to Sobelman's soon:)


Hmmm...your list covers quite a bit....

-Brady Street
-The East Side Compass
-Marquette University
-The Bucks
-Thurmans, Nomad, Ale House
-Marcus Center when it's all lit up at night
-It's not Chicago
-Between the Bars:)


Haha, suck-up! :)

Thanks for sharing your favs, Jon.


Wow, what a list! As I was reading it, I kept thinking "oh yeah, I forgot about that."


Awesome list, and oh, so true. You should submit it to National Geographic Traveler. They are having an "I heart my city" promotion and we Milwaukeeans are trying to get this great city on the cover!






I second Wolski's.

And is this Todd my brother? I hope so. You've done me proud, little brother.. you've done me proud.


Mark, you crack me up!

Ryan Thompson

I ♥ Milwaukee too!


Excellent list! I'd add the river. Yeah, it's nasty water, but it does provide a lot of entertainment and revenue with the party barges, rowing races, kayaking and power boating opportunities. Plus, it's a totally different view of the city!

Ron Renken

Oh wow! We live in Peoria, IL- but we love Milwaukee- I found this blog from your post on Koz's Mini Bowl from your other Blog.

But anyway, we found Alterra by accident, and we LOVE it!


Great list! I love all of the summer festivals in Milwaukee. It gives me and my hubby a reason to come down.


Ron- Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad to hear you're still following my blog and that Milwaukee has fans outside of WI. :)


^^ I live in North Carolina. ;)


I'm glad Milwaukee has a fan in NC, too. ;) Thanks for continuing to follow my blog and for all of the recent comments, Mark.


Well, you know where I live, but you also know my heart lives in Milwaukee! Loved your list, Karen. Congrats on the RadioMilwaukee spot. Very cool.

As I was reading your list, I kept adding things to my to-do list when I'm in Brew City this summer. I might have to take my mom to Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall. She's been teaching herself how to play the accordion. I'm sure she'd love it.


Pepperoni cannoli!

Banjo Bob

Sounds like an East Side girl!


"You *sound* like an East Side girl."
"You *look* like an East Side girl."

I get that a lot. What does that even mean, anyway?


never heard of chill on the hill, ill have to check it out, sounds like my kind of party. #51 would be the famous "bubbler". Good list CIN.

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