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September 11, 2008


dudeman brosef

Wonderful pictures. As for the RiverWalk, thank John Norquist. For a Democrat, he pretty much ruled.


This is a really great write-up. Very informative. Your photos are great too!


I didn't know that the Riverwalk used to be such a bumpin' place back in the day. It's great that Milwaukee officials decided to do something with it again. I really like it.

Let us know when you finally get to kayak down it. I'm curious to see how that is.


Fabulous write up as usual. Thanks for helping write up a fun family outing!


Hey, E got a haircut! Looks nice!

My grandpa told me that story about the Juneau/Kilbourn feud when I was little... I always thought it was so silly for grown men to fight and make a city's streets uneven. (I think actually my grandpa's telling of the story somehow morphed into an explanation of what "don't burn your bridges" meant, but I don't really know the connection...)

I love that you wrote this up, Karen. It's a part of Milwaukee that I've always loved and not been able to spend enough time exploring. Someday I'll have to do the whole walk as you guys did -- it sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!

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