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January 23, 2009



Hey you! We were just there too - but we go for the train show. My Legoland photos outnumbered you by a landslide!

I love your writing. I feel warmer already!


You are probably right. The reason I totally lack Lego Land photos is because my camera's battery died once I got into the Show Dome.

I was a little camera happy in the other two, I guess. :)


Gorgeous photos! Too bad you didn't get any of the Lego Land. I would have liked to see that, too.


everytime i'm in milwaukee and i have a few hours to kill, i love to check out the gardens. beautiful, beautiful place, and i love how they're all partitioned off into those cool domes.

great photos! you took quite a lot!


SuzieQ- You should go and see Lego Land for yourself. It runs until the end of March.

Lucklys- Yeah, I'm a little obsessed with my camera. :)


Wait, seriously, a Legoland?!


Yeah, Bruce. Like skyscrapers and stuff all made out of Legos. It's pretty radical.


The smell at the Domes is THE BEST! I need to smell something that reminds me spring is coming.


I love this post - the descriptions, the extra information, the beautiful photos. Well done!

I can't wait to hear about the Music Under Glass event, too. Keep up the good work, Karen!

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